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UPDATE July 7, 2009
-- We now have FREE CDs!! However, we are asking for $2.50 to help defray mailing costs. Thank you for your understanding.

Continue with the PayPal button below and we'll send you 2 hours of wonderful Christian adventure stories (2 CDs) to enjoy -- no obligation!  We will send you two (2) Sugar Creek GangTM audio CDs by FIRST CLASS mail! We have 72 hours' worth of stories available for sale... visit!

Sugar Creek Gang

Step back in time...
to one-room schoolhouses,
hot summer days of
fishing, fun
and barefoot boys.

Sugar Creek Gang stories
engage the imagination
and draw a child's heart
into a living relationship
with God!

Hymns, scripture verses,
nature lore, poetry;
sensitivity toward the disabled,
the oppressed... and the
courage and confidence
to share the good news
of salvation through
Jesus Christ.


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